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02 November 2012 @ 04:51 pm

Rihanna Fan Fiction

What really happened that night. . .

Less than 24 hours before their big on-stage collaboration at the BET Awards, Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a dangerous physical altercation. There have been a lot of rumors going around about who hit who first but no one knows the real truth. As one of Rihanna’s closest friends, I know exactly what happened that night.

Rihanna had caught Chris exchanging numbers with a girl in the party a few minutes ago. Although she was highly upset at the situation, she didn’t want to lash out on him in front of the other celebrities. Chris, still confused why she was in such a rush, continued to socialize with the other guests. She wanted to approach him about the incident once they got in the car but Chris never wanted to leave.

“Can we leave now Chris?” asked Rihanna in an annoying tone.

The party was just about to end but Rihanna couldn’t wait any longer. Her anger increased as every other second went by. She had to leave immediately.

“What the fuck Ri, the party isn’t even over,” replied Chris angrily.

The night went downhill from here. Annoyed that Rihanna was rushing him, Chris finally agreed to leave the party. They were seen arguing while exiting the building, but no one predicted what would happen next.

“Why were you rushing me in there? What’s wrong?”

“Can you just get in the car Chris? We will talk about this later”

Chris slammed the door behind him and they drove off. Rihanna did not know how to bring up the situation. While they rode in silence for the first five minutes, Rihanna continued to think what to say. Chris, on the other hand, was not fazed at all by the silence. Every five minutes, he would reply to a text from an unsaved number in his phone. This made Rihanna even more upset. On top of the fact that he was caught exchanging numbers in the club, he was now caught texting another female. This is when Rihanna exploded.

“Who the hell, has got so much of you attention?” asked Rihanna in her strong bajan accent.

“What’s your problem? Just relax, its no one important”.

“Oh really now? Then let me see it”, as she tried grabbing the phone from Chris’s lap.

In instinct, Chris then pushed Rihanna’s hand so hard that it hit the driving clutch in the middle of the car. Rihanna then proceeded to scream, as she continued to try getting possession of Chris’s phone. She started to hit and pinch him while Chris tried to maintain control over the wheel. They both started to scream at one each other, but no real words were being spoken.

“Calm the fuck down Rihanna! What is getting into you?” asked Chris.

Rihanna couldn’t respond. The screams just kept getting louder and the hits harder. Chris could not handle it anymore; therefore, he unlocked the passenger door of the car and made attempts to throw her out while the car was in motion. Rihanna started scratching him with dear life as she tried to keep her body in the car. When he realized she wouldn’t get out the car, Chris stopped the car. This is when he flipped a shit. He started to punch her in the face and bang her head against the dashboard. Rihanna’s screams turned into shouts of pain. Her upper lip started to bleed and her strength slowly decreased. Chris quickly took advantage of the shift in power and bit her ear, as she slowly became unconsciousness. He had lost it. Everything became a blur as he continued on beating her. It became more and more obvious that Rihanna had lost the fight.

“Oh my god, what did I do?” asked Chris as he watched Rihanna grasp for air on the other side of the car.

He couldn’t believe what happened. Rihanna then opened the car door, trying to escape. She stumbled unto the yard outside as someone witnessed. The ambulance was immediately called and police rushed to the scene.

That is what happened that night.

07 August 2009 @ 10:47 am
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